Thursday, June 4, 2009


Sprouts is one of the famous healthy food in the world. Its being a super source of nutrients. They have greater concentrations of vitamin, minerals and proteins. Sprouts can grow yourself in our home.
Sprouts are easily digestible. Sprouts are used to make salad , curries, even for vada. Try this healthy recipe and let me know. I hope u all will like this.

Moong sprouts - 1 packet 
Small onion - 5-6 
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp(optional) 
Green chillies - 1 or 2 
Ginger - 1 inch
Curry leaves - 2-3 (optional)
Coriander leaves - 2 spring 
Fennel seeds - 1 tsp 
Salt to taste 
Oil - 2 or 3 tablespoon for frying

In a blender add the Moong sprouts, ginger, green chilli and grind it like vada batter. Dont add more water to grind moong sprouts.
Mix with curry leaves, coriander leaves, Fennel seeds.
Heat 2 or 3 tablespoon of oil and take a small amount of water and flatten it to form a round shape. Gently slide it into hot oil. Keep it in low flame. Fry it till it becomes golden brown on both sides.
This will be the greatest snack for tea time.
Enjoy eating!!


  1. Wow thats so healthy and tempting to.. Nice vada's


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