Friday, July 24, 2009

Palak Kolambhu

Cooked spinach is an excellent source of iron, mineral that it particularly important for menstruating women, who are more at risk for iron deficiency. Spinach is a green vegetable that is cheap and affordable by all. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Spinach offers a wide range of benefits to most of our physiological processes, whether taken raw or cooked.
This is first time i tried but it came out very yummy and become very favorite for my hubby. Try it out and let me know your comments ...............


Palak - 1 bunch or 1 packet
Moong dal - 1/2 cup boiled and mashed
Onion - 1 medium
Tomato - 1 medium
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder - 1 tsp
coriander powder - 2 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Urad dal - 1/2 tsp
Dry red chillies - 2-3
Curry leaves - 3-4
Tamarind paste - 1 tsp
Salt to taste

To paste:

Coconut grated - 2 tblspn
Green chillies - 2
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Black pepper - 1 tsp


In a blender add grated coconut, green chillies, cumin seeds, black pepper and grind it into smooth paste.
Finely chop the palak leaves, onion and keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, urad dal, dry red chillies, curry leaves, onion, and fry it till light brown.
Then add finely chopped tomato, and cook till tomato becomes soft.
Then add turmeric powder, chilly powder, coriander powder, mix well and cook till raw smell goes off.
Then add chopped palak and fry well and add salt and water and cook for 5-10 min.
Then add boiled mashed dal and cook till palak leaves cooked well.
Then add tamarind paste & mix well and cook for 15 min.
Finally add grounded paste and cook for 5-10 min.
Garnish with coriander leaves.


  1. I too have this in my archive,bit diff i think,i just love this! Long time since I made this,thanks for reminding me:)

  2. அனு,

    நேத்து இந்த மெதட்ல குழம்பு செஞ்சேன்.ரொம்ப நல்லா வந்துச்சு..நானும் பாலக்கில் குழம்பு பண்ணுவேன்..கொஞ்சம் வித்யாசமா இருக்கும் என் மெதட்...அடிக்கடி என் சமையலும் செய்து பாருங்கள்..என் ப்ளாக் பக்கம் காணும் உங்களை கொஞ்ச நாளாக...அடிக்கடி விசிட் அடிங்கோ..



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