Thursday, October 30, 2008



Chick peas - 1 can 
Tahini paste  - 1 tblspoon (u can get ths paste in all American super markets)
Curd  -  2 tblspoon 
Mint leaves - 4 leaves
Garlic  -  2 Crushed
Lemon - 1 
paprika powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Parsely for garnish 
Olive oil - 2 tablspoon


Rinse the chick peas  in the cold water.
Add chick peas in the food processor or blender. 
Then add tahini paste into the blender.
Add curd, mint leaves  into the blender.
Take the garlic crush it with little salt. Then add garlic into the blender.
Finally add the lemon juice & 2 tablespoon of water into the blender.
Grind the mixture nicely. The mixture should be little thick .
Garnish with parsely,paprika powder & with olive oil.

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